10 Ways to know you’re a working Mum


Whether you’re a full time stay at home mum, work part time, work from home while raising the kids, work full time, take the kids to work, make the kids work – whatever – you’re awesome and you’re making the right decision for your family. I’m working at the moment and here’s a few observations I’ve made of myself as a working mum.

  1. Your clothes won’t match. So much care will go in to the rest of the family that your outfit will be thrown on in a hurry and could even be on backwards. You may possibly turn up to work still wearing pyjamas but it will complement the under eye bags and bed hair perfectly. (Call it accesorising if you will)
  2. You’ll be singing the Wiggles out loud for ages before realising from the looks that you’re getting that singing ‘Toot toot chugga chugga’ at your desk is a little off putting for your colleagues
  3. You’ll be way more organised than any of your colleagues and than you were pre-baby – getting up at 5am and organising breakfasts, early morning snacks, milk, packing bags, showering, dressing everyone and getting them in the car in time makes negotiating big contracts, dealing with angry customers or arbitrating international takeovers seem like a walk in the park.
  4. GUILT – you’ll feel bad that you’re not spending enough time with your baby, and you’ll feel bad that you’re not focussing enough on work, you’ll guilt yourself that you’re concentrating too much on reading a balance sheet and not reading a story book, you’re spending time at work thinking of home and you’re waking up at night with a start over an deadline you think you’ve missed at work. It never ends!
  5. Your negotiation skills will be coveted around your workplace and you’ll be the queen of conflict resolution – after spending hours convincing your toddler to brush his teeth, eat his veggies or explain why it’s not a good idea to take the cat into the shower, dealing with irate customers or staff brawls will feel like an episode of ‘Guess How Much I Love You’
  6. You’ll be the master of mutli-tasking. Wrestling a baby into a sleepsuit while he’s trying to bite you, crocodile roll off the change table and pull your hair out, whilst helping a toddler put his wetsuit on (as that is what he is demanding to wear today), simultaneously talking on the phone and trying not to trip over one of the thousand toys littering the floor will make managing your daily workload an absolute breeze.
  7. You’ll be the one talking to the staff like 2 year olds and although you’ll find this may get short term results you’ll soon become rather unpopular.
  8. You’ll have to stop yourself several times a day from telling someone not to run up the stairs or smoothing their hair down (unless you want to pretend this was an accident when the nice looking intern walks by….)
  9. Some days you’ll really, really, really enjoy going to work (who’d have thought). Adult conversation, office banter, important discussions (gossip) – although you’ll be working super hard it will still be respite from running about after tornado toddlers.
  10. You’ll be the one in sitting at your desk sipping a HOT cup of tea or coffee and cherishing the moment with glee, wonder and delight.

What have I missed? Let me know how I’d recognise you as a working mum.

 **Disclaimer: apart from number 8 of course….I would never ogle the good looking lads at my work.


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