SOAK SOCIETY – Kicking back with the Founder

SOAK SOCIETY is an Australian owned and Australian made range of products the are luxurious and the perfect addition to a self care routine. Soak Society has an awesome range of self care products that are inexpensive and amazing. Soak Society has been featured in numerous magazines such as Vogue, Women’s Health and Fitness, Grazia and Harpers Bazaar. Today we spent a few minutes kicking back with the founder Natalie Thorogood. 

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1.    What do you do for yourself in the name of self care?

So many things! I love self care, it’s one of my favourite things to talk about, and it’s what Soak Society stands for! Personally, my go-to list of self care activities at the moment includes: meditation, walking on the beach with my dog Rusty, Pilates, a long bubble bath while watching Netflix, doing a 20 minute face mask, reading a magazine while I eat breakfast slowly. The list could go on but I’ll leave it there for now!

2.    What do you do for fun?

As above 😉 Also – Hip Hop dance classes, dinners with friends, dates with my partner, going to the farmers markets and the beach with friends or alone. I also count work as fun (most of the time)! 

3.    How do you relax and unwind?

When I’m feeling stressed and like I can’t switch off, I’ll put my phone on aeroplane mode so there’s no distractions, and just have a glass of wine and chat to my partner about my day or other random thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is another person to put things in perspective! Other than that, I will just try to be in the moment, or go to a day spa!

4.    What is your ideal holiday?

Something adventurous with a touch of indulgence! This year in December we’re going to Mexico with friends for my 30th birthday (my first proper holiday in a couple of years). I spent 6 months in Mexico in 2013 and can’t wait to go back.

5.    How do your products help regular people with self care/relaxation?

My goal when I started Soak Society was to create all natural and organic products that still looked good in the bathroom, and I think we are doing well at achieving that! The fact that our products are at an affordable price point helps in spreading the me-time message. 

6.    What is your best selling product/why?

It’s a tie between our Rose and Sleep wellness soaks. They both have petals which are so beautiful in the bath.

7.    Do you have a discount code for the All For Herself readers?

Yes! Use ALLFORHERSELF at checkout for 15% off all orders!

8.    What are your tips for work life balance?

Even if you’re busy, try to incorporate at least 1 or 2 self-care rituals or moments of me-time into your day. Just slow down. You’ll be more productive for it, and it does get easier to do over time! 

9.    What’s your favourite drink?

I love Elle Macphersons Super Elixir! And a strong soy Flat White. 

10.    Does your business have any big announcements/ sneak peeks you want to share?

Last month we launched our newest product – BathDew, which is an organic bubble bath! We spent a year in product development, so we’re so excited to finally share it with our customers! The scent is magnolia, rose and orange blossom, and we added a vegan collagen extract as well as magnesium, for an extra beauty boost. The best part is it is a glittery rose gold colour!

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