Start self care today without racing out for a massage

A Collaboration with All For Herself and Caruso's Natural Health

Being a mum can really suck the life out of you, all because you give every little piece of you to your kids. Sound familiar? Always thinking - I need to start this self care thing today? Since having kids I have found that the time I have for myself has been getting smaller and smaller as each one of my kids has been born. Having my first son back in 2013 was a serious shock. Now I have three kids all under 5 and I work just under full time so time for day spas, massages, manicures and pedicures are few and far between. So finding small ways and small things that you can do for yourself take a bit of the sting out of the night wake ups, mountains of washing, drying folding and all those meals that you make and get rejected because something isn’t cut the right way or looks a little bit different than the one you made last week.

As Mums it is so easy to let things slide and put yourself second because there are always so many things that we should, could and would do if we had all the time and the energy in the world. I sometimes think back to the times before I had kids and think if I realised how much I really could get done each day I would have been superhuman!

The first place to start is accepting that you can’t do everything and somethings will naturally get pushed down the list like that pile of clothes or those cupboards to be sorted. I think it was the birth of my second son I realise that it is more important to spend time with your kids because I’ll always remember those café Fridays or the selfies I took with my kids more than I remember any of the thousands upon thousands of t-shirts I have folded and nappies I have changed.

These are the four things that you can do now to look after your health inside and out:

1.Cut yourself some slack!

2. Start a sleep routine – everyone’s routine will be a bit different as we all value somethings different than others. Some ideas of things that you can add into yours are:

    • Find the sweet spot of when to go to bed, having a consistent bed time helps with your circadian rhythm to help you both get the most rest from your sleep.
    • Self-massage of pressure points on hands and feet to destress and relax before sleeping.
    • Make sure that your sleeping environment is comfortable and ergonomic – so spend wisely and get a mattress and pillow that will help you get a good and restful sleep.
    • I know that this sounds obvious but make sure your room is dark, so no light coming in through windows, no brightly illuminated appliances like alarm clocks or battery chargers.
    • Charge your mobile telephone in the kitchen or in another room so that you are not tempted to keep scrolling into the night.
    • If you're interested in reading more about this here is our blog on tips for getting a better nights sleep.

3.Choose good women’s health supplements – Adding a women’s health supplement into your daily ensures that you are giving your body anything that it is missing. The two supplements that I take are a collagen builder and a good multivitamin.

  • Caruso’s Natural HealthSuper Collagen Builder – As we are aging (for me it has happened faster since having kids) the natural collagen in your body decreases. This is where fine lines and wrinkles increase and your skin just doesn’t have that youthful elasticity to it and just doesn’t feel as firm as it did. You can add a collagen booster to your daily supplement intake, adding a product like Caruso’s Natural Health – Super Collagen Builder is really easy and like most things using it consistently you might expect to see / improvements (or it can assist) in areas such as skin elasticity, healthier hair and stronger nails. I have been using this one for some time now and I have noticed a difference in my nails and I received a great compliment for my hair the other recently and I’ll take those comments any day.
  • Caruso’s Natural Health – Women’s Multi Vitamin – I generally eat really well but I also really push myself and I want to ensure that I am not missing any essential vitamins and minerals.
  • I choose Caruso’s Natural Health for a couple of reasons they are Australian owned and a family business, they have Naturopaths in house that you can call to discuss which products are right for you. Caruso’s Natural Health has a massive range of products that can assist you.

4. Podcasts – They are a great way on catching up on the world or hearing really interesting stories without watching tv, because really when do you have time to watch tv uninterrupted? Late at night and that is a double edged sword you have some time out but you get a bit hooked and wake up so tired that it takes you a few days to catch up. Podcasts are great for putting you headphones on and getting a few annoying tasks like folding clothes, ironing (if you iron) or chopping food up for meal prep, listening while you are at sports training for the kids or waiting to pick them up from school.

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